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AMTech, a provider of quality manufacturing services.

Offering precision Electro/Mechanical Assembly of all types

AMTech offers a broad range of manufacturing services, from the beginning to end of the production cycle. We can provide it all, from building, testing and packaging of the complete assembly or product.

For over a decade we at AMTech have taken pride in providing quality assembly and processing services to support numerous manufacturers. Operations conform to formal procedures, documented and in place; compliance is maintained by strategic in process and final inspection.

AMTech is an established "Return Depot" for original equipment manufacturers. Processing pre-authorized product returns from the field. We provide a total service from receiving product, establishing disposition and conducting failure analysis.  We can provide the entire operation, eliminating the strain on your receiving and warehousing facilities.



Why AMTech?

Complete Product on-time...
our best source is AMTech.


Since 1993 Providing Quality & Service

Assembly/Manufacturing & Value Added Service


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Our customers proudly label the product we manufacture,
"Made in the USA."


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